Anyone, Quit the game

How can you quit the game. The quit button on my screen is gray, and dose not allow me to quit. Iv read befor on here where players have quit to start over from scratch, how is that possible.


Close the game, without quit. Go to apps, pull up Tripeaks app, and do a force stop. That should fix the issue. Good luck!


@Tasha, if you mean start over at level one, you really can’t do that. You can however, on most devices, log out and start a new game, that starts on level one.

Playing on a device, without logging in is risky though, as your game progress is stored on the device, as opposed to being stored externally when logged in with FB. If anything ever happens to that device, you could lose that account and all progress.

You can create a new FB identity, and log in using your new identity, but you have to be logged in to your new identity on your FB app, for TriPeaks to load the new account, and save the progress on your new account.

It might be a little bit of a pain, but depending on how much you want to start from scratch, it might be worth it.