Anyone know how full the piggy banks gets.

Just wondering how full this silly piggy bank can get? There is a slight delay when transitioning from one screen to the next while the bank fills itself, and I am wondering if that will stop once the bank is full? Subtle little changes, like this, effect the rhythm you have while playing, and having it change midstream will once again cause an adjustment to be made…Would just help me to know if it’s a permanent thing so I can get the right mindset…

Iv had the bank a few times each time it was different,
Dose it have a day counter on it? Such as 5 days left …
Once I broke it ay 1million coins it did not have a day count down on it.
The 2nd time with the day counter it top out around 85k coins, and I normally only buy on double gift day so I passed and let the bank disappear.
I did notice a lot of delays in my game and glitches while the bank was there also.


I’ve had it a couple of times and mine was full at 685,000 each time

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