Anyone else ALWAYS getting the lowest reward after watching a video?

It happens to me consistently, 100% of the times.
Customer support says that there is no bug, but I can’t be so unlucky, can I? It must be happening to someone else too!


You are not the only one. It has been happening to me for almost a month now. I get the wild and after that, I’m lucky if I get 2 ads. A member of our team had a glitch that actually did the opposite and kept giving her ads.

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I get lots of ads, but when I choose the card I always get the lowest amount. I never received the highest or second value and it’s been a few weeks.

One day It is all high payouts, the next it’s considerably less, on the average I had kept track for a month a while back and I averaged 1200 per video.


It’s give and take for my coins on videos, I’d say there equally low/high… but I did also had a glitch, I didn’t have to even watch the video…like no video popped up just coin card screen…I pick a card then watch again and no video, just card screen for coins…it didn’t last long tho…

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I get the lowest amount in the ads after winning the Wild Card. Every single time. I can usually do pretty good in the 5 or so ads leading up to getting the wild card. But i don’t get much after that. It is frustrating.

My win rate in Vegas isn’t any better. The only thing we are missing are the free drinks LOL


Yeah, no matter which one I pick the big money is under the opposite!

Me too@…jjjjhhhhhhggtddfg

For a long time after I started, I was almost always getting the lowest amount, but at some point it changed and now I usually get a mix of high and low.

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