Anyone actually won this thing?

Has anyone ever personally won the jackpot in treasure shrine? I have been playing this game for over 3 years and have never won it, beginning to think it’s just a hoax. 9 times outta 10 all I win is the 500


My girlfriend won it about a year ago but i also only win the poor prices as u since i started play this 3years ago. It sucks tbh and they should change it so so its easier to get jackpot or add better prices. They should not have moved the priceorder ti the one that is today because it was way better when i started play this game. How come i drop ball and it goes too worst damn prices everytime i drop it? I cant remember when i won a wildie last time. Thinking of quit tbh


We had 2 players win!

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Our team has had some winners, our leader has posted there pictures in our group FB.
Iv been playing for over 3 years and haven’t won yet either :cry:


I have been playing about 3 years as well. I have never won the jackpot. No one I know has ever won that jackpot. And of the people whom it says have won the jackpot, I do not know anyone of them. The most common thing I win there is that stupid 500. I think the Treasure Shrine needs a facelift, better prices and cheaper entry cost.


I never won but a member of my team has won so I know it is possible. LOL I have also played about 3 years and never won. Who knows what the odds are.


Yep my hubby has twice

Lol, none of my teammates have ever won the treasure shine….we all think like you that it must be a fraud-but then maybe our odds of winning would be better if our name was ‘Guest’ :roll_eyes:


not even close, do away with the 500

A friend, who I introduced to TriPeaks and brought onto our team, The Fun Brigade, won 1,000,000 coins. When she told me she won, she told me to go the page and see for myself…and there it was! So yes, it’s real :hugs:

I’ve played for three years and never won. I’ve even changed my name to guest to increase my chances but still didn’t win.

Yes. I agree because the names change on who won and times.

Same here. So frustrating

I won it once. It was quite awhile back, tho. Over a year

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I’ve been playing for 1029 days and have never won nor know anyone to win. It’s a scam

I’ve been playing nearly 3 yrs but nvr won jackpot. Hv been in clubs with ppl who said they’ve won jackpot but don’t know anyone personally who won. I suspect that those who’ve won jackpot are players who are being rewarded for hvg spent cash on this game, be it for booster cards, gifts, etc.

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I have played a long time and have NEVER won it!

I have won a couple years ago

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I almost got it twice. And yes the 500coins slot needs to be replaced I hate when I get that spot. It’s worthless