Any way to restore member after accidently deleting?

Is there a way to restore a member after they were accidently deleted from our club?

If the Leader/Co-Leader have deleted the person from the club and they happen to be in the friend list of any of the member in your club, send them an invite / recommendation to your club. It will be up to that person to either accept or delete the invite/recommendation.

How do I find them to send an invite? This is not in friend list. It’s a Member of the club.

@Katherine I corrected my prior reply…I didn’t mean you’ve deleted from the friend list, but that if they were in any of that club member’s friend list, perhaps that person can be sent an invite or recommendation to your club. If you know the club the person is in, the same applies [invite/recommend your club]. Unfortunately it will be up to that person to accept the invite/recommendation or ask to join your club.

Thank you. I was a friend with the person fortunately. But since they were deleted in error from the club by one of our co-leaders, have they lost all their points, coins, etc?? If so how can they get them back?

They did not lose any points or boosters. The only thing that happens when a player is removed is their club points for that week is subtracted from your overall club score, you perk meter does not change.
So if they had 3 million coins while in your club to play the games, those coins and boosters and gems go with them

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Okay, glad to know. Thanks for your help.