Any team looking for a reliable player?

Hello! I am looking for a new club, the club I’m in seems to have lost their ambition. I play every day and earn anywhere between 9000-15,000 club points a week with well over 200 tributes per week. I play all club quests, and usually max, I play the gem digging game but don’t always use all my plays. I would like to join a team that gets at least 5 chests a week. I read chat and like to cheer my fellow teammates on. I’m definitely a team player.


Hi we are "MyLuckIsMany "
We require players to log in and play everyday.
17k pw min but is not a goal.
4k b4 idle.
Max the club quests we play.
We have a messenger page so you will need to friend me on fb so I can add to the group.
We do dig as long as you have maxed.
Please request to join us if you can keep up.
We are Platinum club and on a few occasions we have gone up lol. We are like a little family. So come play with us xx

Salty crew is rebuilding. You sound like a good fit. We were consistent gold, 5 chests each week. We are now stone , but trying to get back to gold. No minimums, chat to communicate, play available Tribute games. We are public until Wednesday.

Thanks everyone, I have found a new club. Good luck to all, and Happy Holidays :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! Happy Holidays!

Still looking for players?
I need a team that communicates and gets new players. My team has about 6 that haven’t played in months.
Toni Topp

Salty Crew can you contact me? I have a question about downtime on your team. Only allowed to be off for 48 hours? I don’t have fb. Is that a problem?

You’re welcome to join my team… KC’s Clan
I’d love to have you.
Folks keep forgetting to click on the gift box so we can finally open it as a team one day

Hello! We are Tiki it Easy - try us out! We have 1 spot open right now! We are usually platinum, sometimes dropping to gold. We usually get all 6 perks weekly! Requirements are 5000 Club Points & 50 tributes/week; no idle more than 48 hours unless you let us know; Chat! Club competition is optional but if you qualify, we like to see 10 shovels.

Come join cheap therapy. On our third week got all 6 perks already. Most of us came from platinum team. We need some more strong players. Get Goldie by Sunday, digging option cq must must communicate on chat

We’re looking for a good team player. Come join Texas Tributes. We need good players.

We are! Our Club name is TAUREANS

Try FRIENDE - good team, I like it and we are in need of players

Try The Hedgehogs, 2k per day, minimum 75 tributes, max 24 hrs idle. Look for Sharon ENG, Doris, Freya or ScubaChick in the team

Our FastandFurious team gets 5 perks per week and I invite you to join. Send a message back.

You could try Minimalist or Integrity rules. I enjoy my team but we need a few good players

Snoopys club. I pay everyday but I live in Australia. So often alone when the other game members are playing when it’s the middle of the night for me.

Join ‘Crater’, leader is Lolo

Try us Cast Away we have an opening.

Come join CCL. We are looking for 2 more to join the team.