Any interest in being on a team with the only rule being 40,000 weekly and following perk order unless you’re one of the top 3 players?

I’m a teacher with two kids, and I can’t always follow the 15/18 hour rule. I also don’t have the time or the patience to always check in beforehand if this is going to happen or if I might fall a few thousand under periodically because of my hectic schedule. I would love to find some players who have similar schedules and use this game as I do - to chill. If you aren’t consistently the bottom player with not enough points and keep the chat clean, I’m not going to kick you off if you fall short periodically. You can chat with everyone all you want, but if I don’t feel like talking sometimes, please don’t be offended, and I will return the favor. If this sounds like a club you would be interested in, PLEASE reply!


Kathi, there are 1000s of clubs. Yours can be whatever the members want! We have a weekly minimum and ask that you meet that as early as possible, say hi when you join the club and let us know if you can’t make minimum. That’s it! It works well for us, we have very little turnover. We think the less rules the better. Also, I think clubs are like Tripeaks. They are a work in progress. As a leader, you will recognize what is working for your club and what is not. Good luck, you have a good game plan!

I was on a club for 9 months and almost always in the top half. Several times I was #1. They kicked me off because I was over their 15 hour time limit twice in one week even though I met every other rule. The club I’m in now kicked me off last week because I was short the 45,000 goal by less than 2000 points, and I was still 19 out of 25. To be fair, it was the 2nd time that had happened but again, I wasn’t the bottom. They took me back the next day, but I just want to play without worrying about times and checkins.

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Sunnys island we have 18hr min but if we know about a leave or not normal I will ask and or wait n see what’s going on we I don’t like to cut anybody but if you get the 30 week I would never cut you for idle time we have a lot that work long hrs n stay idle 20 hrs sometimes if we know or not and it habit it’s ok sunnys island we strong team a lot it’s forever homeforever ho.e with sunnys island

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Try Top Tikis, I hear they’re looking for a few ppl.