Any cheats out there?

Is there a way you can get free coins without having to wait for fbdhbfj

People on previous teams I have been on say there are, but I don’t know. I don’t use them.if there are!

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Every 20 minutes you get free coins, and multiple times a week the fan page provides alot of free coins and boosters, everyday you can collect 60k of free coins from friends, play your quests properly you gain in coins, if you are seeking a way to cheat for free coins not provided hy the game itself you put your device and your account at risk and others accounts and devices


@Tracy excatly what i was going to say

Also i would review these guidelines posted below totally against forum policy


I just wonder why someone would want to cheat anyway? Makes no sense to me and is a big integrity issue!


Totally agree I’m sure some do sadly! :smirk::roll_eyes:

I know people who play this game and say they know for a fact people are cheating. I honestly can’t say but am sure some computer guru has figured it out, lol


I have seen things for unlimited coins and or wilds, but there is no way i would try!!! For me totally ruins the game, also it is exciting to win wilds on Tiki skies or from the shrine!

Won’t lie i do buy wilds :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: just haven’t had to for awhile!