Anti-Digging Player Looking For Upper Platinum or Silver Club

I am looking for an upper Platinum and/or Silver club that does NOT encourage digging for gems (Club Competitions.) I’m a level 169 (gold star) - by choice. As I write this, I have 18,423 points, 445 Tributes, a 10x Club Champ and am in the top 3.

The club I’m in (which I founded) is currently Gold…having been Platinum in the past. I’ve tried everything I know to discourage members from playing in the Club Competitions…because they don’t know HOW and can’t be bothered to learn.

I can’t leave until this tournament ends. However, at that time, I will be seriously looking. I’ll update my stats, the closer we get to Thursday.

We’re a Diamond club but digging is optional. Perk Masters is our club. Minium 40k, 400 tributes.

That was fast!!! :smile: Thank you!

Perk Masters looks very interesting, and may be a good fit. However, I won’t leave a club mid-tournament. I’ll keep you up-dated on my stats.

I just friended you.


Emerald_Blue, please look at my stats and tell me if they will qualify me for an invite when this tournament ends. I’m going to slow down on playing because it is a wasted effort.

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Good morning, Emerald_Blue. Please send an invite, if you are interested in having me join your club at the end of this tournament. :relaxed:

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:+1: * sent a PM if you have any questions. If not, see you after reset. :wink:

The club I am currently does not dig. We are focusing on getting everyone to work on CQ’s and actually max them/building a stronger team, before we start digging again. We stopped digging about 2 months ago and honestly, who knows if or when we will ever start digging again. Feel free to check us out: C1R15

I am now a ‘free agent’ and looking for an upper Platinum or Silver club to join…as stated above, one that does not encourage digging. I am a level 169 - by choice.