Anti-Digging Player Looking For Upper Platinum or Silver Club

I am looking for an upper Platinum and/or Silver club that does NOT encourage digging for gems (Club Competitions.) I’m a level 169 (gold star) - by choice. As I write this, I have 18,423 points, 445 Tributes, a 10x Club Champ and am in the top 3.

The club I’m in (which I founded) is currently Gold…having been Platinum in the past. I’ve tried everything I know to discourage members from playing in the Club Competitions…because they don’t know HOW and can’t be bothered to learn.

I can’t leave until this tournament ends. However, at that time, I will be seriously looking. I’ll update my stats, the closer we get to Thursday.

We’re a Diamond club but digging is optional. Perk Masters is our club. Minium 40k, 400 tributes.

That was fast!!! :smile: Thank you!

Perk Masters looks very interesting, and may be a good fit. However, I won’t leave a club mid-tournament. I’ll keep you up-dated on my stats.

I just friended you.


Emerald_Blue, please look at my stats and tell me if they will qualify me for an invite when this tournament ends. I’m going to slow down on playing because it is a wasted effort.

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Good morning, Emerald_Blue. Please send an invite, if you are interested in having me join your club at the end of this tournament. :relaxed:

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:+1: * sent a PM if you have any questions. If not, see you after reset. :wink:

The club I am currently does not dig. We are focusing on getting everyone to work on CQ’s and actually max them/building a stronger team, before we start digging again. We stopped digging about 2 months ago and honestly, who knows if or when we will ever start digging again. Feel free to check us out: C1R15

I am now a ‘free agent’ and looking for an upper Platinum or Silver club to join…as stated above, one that does not encourage digging. I am a level 169 - by choice.

I see this is a rather old post, but I’m a co on an up and coming team Tiki Sunrise. We will be Plat at reset. Already have high Plat scores. We don’t allow digging unless perk 6 is finished and then it’s optional. My name is Juniper in the club. Check us out. We have a great core group

Hi @MzQuail. R Happier Team is a Platinum team that’s friendly, supportive, and quickly feels like family. :slight_smile:

We have a Sunday min or 15K and 30,000 at reset.

We understand that family comes first…we just need people to let us know if they’ll be slower for a bit.

Our members do enjoy digging when we have Goldie (but nobody needs to dig…it’s optional). When we don’t have Goldie, we just use our qualifying shovels to get 50 gems…which saves lots of coins, boosters, and time to concentrate on getting Goldie (which we typically have by Sunday night).

If you’re interested, let me know your game name and I’d be happy to approve you. We currently have two open spots.

Still looking?
Allied Rebels took a break for a bit, and is now in the process of rebuilding a great team. We currently have room for FIVE people. You must complete Club Quests, and pay attention to Chat.
We don’t require “chatty” people - just people who read chat and comment when needed.
The details you’re looking for:
25K per week and 250 tributes.
No Club Competition
Real Life Comes First!
We typically finish in low 20’s to mid teens in placement. We always get Perks 1-6, and USUALLY get the Special. We’re looking for people who WANT to get all 7, and play accordingly.
Leadership is fun, friendly, and puts the game AFTER the importance of real life responsibilities.

If you’re interested in joining, look up Allied Rebels and ask to join!