Angie welcomes casual players

We are a relaxed club with no minimum requirements. Problem is we have several players who haven’t returned in the past couple of months. We get 3 perks each week and would love to have a few more active members. Pressure free though. Look for Angie.

Welcome to the forum @Iamgigi2
Best of luck to your team

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My name Vicky 81 years I play for free,fun and to relax. 2 days ago realized only one left in my Club. Not sure you would find me suitable but would like to play with more active members. Thank you and best of luck with your recruitment.

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We would love to have you join! We play for fun. No rules or pressure. Please find the club Angie and join us!

So glad you joined Vicky!

More casual players welcome!

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We have one opening. We are justMe. We are a fun club. We have minimums. We understand that everyone has a life. We always get all the perks.