ANGEL WINGS is looking for 5 players! Friends or group welcome!

Hi there! ANGEL WINGS ( if searched in the game, or club name is in all caps) is looking for 5 players. Friends encouraged. We are laid back, we give tips to help you score and play better. We Had some players leave over the past month due to personal reasons and we are needing to get the team back up to a diamond status. Our goals are easy. 35k points a week, play Tributes when needed, chat a must, club quest a must. If you need time off, just give us dates, the reason is none of our business. Alot of us on the team have been playing a long time and we keep it positive and upbeat. We are glad to help in any way. If you wish to join, you can request and invite be sent here or search us on the game. ANGEL WINGS all caps. Leaders are on most of the time to get you accepted fast. We look forward to playing with you. Good luck!