Ancient Chest 600k is ridiculous! Needs revisited.

I think 600k club points for the special Ancient Chest this week is ridiculous. Only the top clubs will be capable of achieving this and that’s not fair. We all like to win extra perks to help our game along but we have a life too. So please make it achievable for everyone to enjoy. Thanks


I agree. It’s like it’s only for the very top ten teams. My club does really good each week - 5-6 perks but not usually perk 6. Of course, we have a lot of working parents, etc (which is great because the people are awesome!) So I expect it. But this perk is like forget about it!


Our club ultises the extreme perks by not doing them and bank our coins once we have completed 6 perks. It’s a great way to get ahead in the game!


I agree totally just wish they would listen to us