Ambitious/Fierce club (Fun motivated) looking for Ambitious/Fierce player (Fun motivated): 25k minimum

We’re an Invite Only Club who spent a long time in Platinum Top 10’s.

We like Diamond and intend to stay there. We dropped back down last week, dominated our Platinum league, and have returned to Diamond.

The Club is 1 year old. Most players are long time members. Two of us have been there since the beginning. Our members who chat are all super friendly and get along GREAT. Very fun, very casual team.

Buying each other Club Gifts is normal here.

Looking for:

Player(s) who will chat or, at least, post when they max out on Club Quests. That is a requirement for new players.

Great personality is important. Need to understand that the TEAM doing well is more important than the INDIVIDUAL, because we all do better when the TEAM does better.

Here are our minimums and Preferences:

12k minimum by Sunday Eve.

25k minimum weekly.

That is the bare minimum, but we really want people who score 50k+ regularly.
Our top 3 regularly score 100k’s and our top 10 are all 50k+ players. Players usually score 30k+ each week.

100 Tributes Required. Also a bare minimum. Most players score 400 - 500, at least. Sometimes 1000 or more.

Our main focus with Tributes is on keeping the Volcano placated. We have never had it explode on us and are not about to start.

We have a “no 24 hour idle” rule. It’s only enforced loosely, but it IS enforced. Don’t go idle 24+ hours often- definitely not multiple times a week.

If you’re going to be idle over 24 hours, try not to let it be much more.

We DO have aN “MIA” list. 24+ hour idle won’t be held against anyone who lets us know they’ll be MIA for a while. The other members WILL take up the slack for you.

Coin Sharing is important. It’s a sign of a good team mate. You don’t have to be Queen or King of Coin Shares, but high double to triple digits are the norm with us.

If you can be on Thursday eve, that’s a plus. Some of us hit it hard out of the gate. We typically have Perks 1-3 done early in the morning on Friday. Our order is 1,2,3,6 and then 4/5 or 5/4. We all work the same perk. It’s a rule.

If this seems like something you’d like to be part of, please do these 2 things:

Respond here (or direct message me) with your name in the App. We will prioritize people who find us through here.

Find us in the App and request to join. Our club name is Perk 6 . If you find multiple clubs with similar names, we’re the one with Tiki as leader and me ( Big Papa MO ) as a Coleader.

If you have any space left, I would love to join


Hi, Karen!
We’re going to have at least one space open after tonight’s reset. If the club looks like a good fit for you, based on my description above, please search us out and request to join.

Please, leave your User Name (from the app) here for me, too, though. We have a number of Co-leaders and I want to be sure to let them and the Leader know in chat to keep an eye out for you. We don’t have any openings until the reset, and I wouldn’t want one of them to inadvertently delete your request to join. We are prioritizing anyone who asks via the forum, so you get “dibs.”


FYI, the leader just had to remove someone. So, at this moment, we have an opening if you hurry.
We have already completed all 7 Perks, so there’s a hefty reward coming out way tonight!

I can no longer recommend this club.
Fifteen of us have left, due to leadership issues.
Our new club (Allied Rebels) is everything that the 15 of us were trying to turn that club into.