Always Rojoice team players

Hi, I am a co-leader for Always Rejoice.

I spend too much time recruiting new players, so I thought I would pop a message here, but I know there are already many clubs looking for new players.

We are a gold level club. We have moved up to Platinum a couple of times but always back at the end of the week. So that is not our focus.

We are looking for team players; if you are very competitive, then don’t go any further; other clubs are much more competitive than us that you can join.
If you are not prepared to follow our rules, do not join; you will only be removed.
Immediate removal if:
less than 1000 before idle - we will make allowance on this if you post in chat. However, we understand that you may join then something comes up, and you need to stop.
If you more than 24 hours idle, without any explanation, you are not a team player, and your manners are less than desirable, you will be removed. If someone posts a Hi, or a Welcome, it is not a big ask to reply.
I have come to realise that those who do not respond in chat when they first join usually don’t, those that don’t follow the rules from the get-go, meaning we have to chase them, and that is no longer going to happen.
You need to aim for 15000 by reset; aim for 2500 each day. These two are guidelines; we understand they may not always be possible, so as above, drop a few words and let us know you have been busy or stuff is going on; it happens to all of us.
The Club Quest is mandatory. You must make it a priority. Unfortunately, we have a handful of players who max it every day and often miss the rewards because of those who do not.
Play tributes every day; this is also mandatory; even if you only play the five which come up every hour, we are happy with that. I am not the best player and often only get one tribute in the game, and it takes me 40 games or more to get the CQ, but that is what I have to do to be a team player.
I am being a bit harsh because I am over players who come in, and then we are chasing them to follow the rules or day after day, we get ignored because they will not respond in chat. For example, I recently had a new player who was a 5x’s club champ; clearly, they must understand how the game works; they refused to answer any of my posts and did not complete the CQ. They are gone now.

We are a friendly, easy-going bunch, but the rules are essential, even more so than a high score; I have removed players with really high scores who never chatted or played the CQ or tributes.
All we ask is that you communicate.

If that sounds like you, we are invite-only. Always Rejoice, currently 16 players. If you are prepared to communicate with us to support and help each other, play as a team, and follow the rules, we would love to have you.
Please don’t waste your time or ours by coming in if you are not prepared to follow a few very basic easy rules.

Always Rejoice

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