Always Rejoice Club

Hi we are a fun club, not a lot of chatting but don’t let that stop you if you like to talk some of us do. We need quite a few new members. We have a minimum of 15000 each week and 200 tributes, but again don’t let that stop you, we understand we all have a life outside of this game, as much as we love it. All we ask is to communicate if you believe you will be away for more than 24 hours.
Please no guest, you must have a name, you will be asked to change your name if not you will be removed. You can use just initials or numbers if you don’t wish to post your name on the board. You must not come on and do nothing or you will also be booted unless you tell us why.
We do not see these as harsh rules, but if you do, please do not join.
We are relaxed in that if you simply post why you will be idle more than 24 hours, we are all chilled.

Cathy - coleader Always Rejoice