Aloha Tiki Koa is looking for active players :)

Hello everyone! Aloha Tiki Koa is a great group that is looking to gain active players who want to be in the top 500 range. We ask that team members don’t go over 24 hrs idle, get a min of 12k by Mon, and have at least 24k points by Thursday. If this sounds like a club for you then we hope to see you soon!


Invite me please,current club is boring

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What club are you in so I can invite you to ours? As of this moment our club is new so we are down aways on the leader board but we are slowly making our way up as we have been recruiting. I just wanted to let you know just incase if your club is higher up at the moment than ours. Anyway we would still love to have another player to help us keep on moving up the leader board.

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My club name is Maximus

I would love an invite, my club is perknation#1