Advice needed when changing over tablets

Unfortunately I will have to move my game to a new tablet as my old one has died.
Are there any specific steps that I need to follow to ensure that my game progress, coins, team progress, quest progress etc are available on the new tablet?
Any help would be appreciated as I have played this game for the last 2 years and would not like to lose everything that I have to date.
I am assuming that it is a matter of just downloading Tripeaks, Bingo Bash and GSN Casino - and then linking the sign on to my FaceBook account.

Thanks in advance,


I have changed IPads 3 times. I just go to the apps and upload. Never have lost data. Be sure you keep your screen name the same.


Yes, as long as your account is already linked to Facebook all it will be is download the app, sign in with Facebook and everything will remain saved and the same