Ads not working still

I’ve raised several tickets now and nothing on the ads for free coins not working…anyone else? #frustrated

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Unfortunately ads are not guaranteed coins as I had also placed a ticket before and they state they simply are not available at that time. I would be persistent I believe that the 4 plus the wild card and the one in the inbox should be guaranteed. I would just send another ticket


When my ads say come back later, I simply close my game and restart it. Usually that does the trick. If it happens again I do it again. I’ve been known to restart my game between every ad in extreme cases. Pain in the neck but it gets the job done. Just my experience…


Same here. I usually have to close game between every ad to get them to work.

The latest app update fixed my ad issue. You might want to try updating

I don’t have an update. I think I have the latest version with the new club board?

I do too but can’t get more than 2 ads or barely ever the wild card at the end

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Me too but they shouldn’t offer the ads for coins if they’re going to make it so difficult to obtain :frowning_face:


Surely sponsors are paying for the ads?!

Yes, and I believe it’s probably high priority to fix this problem. They need income to pay for the employees, They need employees to fix the problems.


Same issues here but also when I get them to work, 95% of the time now, no matter what I always get the lowest amount and it’s always 300, 400 or 700! It’s like why bother?! Just saying…

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You definitely don’t have to watch the ads for the free coins, that certainly is your choice. I know some days I hit the smallest amounts most of the time and other days it is big payouts. When I averaged myself in 7 days of ads myself it was an average of 1200 per chest

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If your device is not on auto updates I would check where you download from. On my android it is google play and it will show what apps need updating

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HaHaha they need a better system for correcting problems that’s for sure!

I totally agree with you. Last 2 days I am watching ads and then nothing, no compensation whatsoever no little stage with curtains and choice of cards, no coins whatsoever but it continues to generate ads just fine. Another example of Tripeaks not paying as implied.

They should not offer if they do not want to pay.

Off topic but you all should be aware of this problem as I think many may not notice they are not being credited correctly on a daily basis.Before writing in about any issue I reboot device, delete and reinstall game to see if that will clear up the problem. I have been doing this daily and suffering through the tutorials repeatedly for months now. Why is it when I have 60,000+ coins available from friends the game only credits my account with a small portion of the coins. This is happening almost everyday. For some time now I take screenshots before and after tapping to collect coins, creating collage of the screenshots showing I was not paid (as only allowed to submit one picture in Help ) to show that the coins are NOT going into my bank and often times I do not receive reimbursement. Example Peter sends my a spreadsheet of how many times I collected coins the day in question and that I have received all the coins. I have tried to explain and follow through explaining your side of game may show the coins but they are NOT being added to my bank. Perhaps on your side looking at my account it’s showing you how many times I have tried to collect coins but they are NOT being credited in my side of the game. There most certainly is a glitch here and it is very frustrating to be sending coins and expecting to receive them and not have them credited then go to the trouble of collecting photos into one picture, writing in and receive answer implying I am trying to scam coins from your program. If you don’t want to process the free coins then don’t offer the program. To further complicate writing in for help now after tapping “contact us” the screen goes directly to a ste called Wufoo, not help. Is this to discourage players from contacting Tripeaks? I advise anyone doing FB exchanges to keep a watchful eye on their bank totals.

This is but one example of the many times I have not been correctly credited for coin exchanges from FB friends. I suggest everyone keep a watchful eye on their bank totals

Do you collect coins from friends once a day, or several times a day? If you collect several times, could you have already collected a portion of your 60,000 earlier? Just a thought.

I collect once a day and always get my 60,000, on all 4 of my accounts.

Off topic but how did u get sooo many coins?! New player here. Sorry if that’s a dumb question lol