Ads during free play

Too many ads when you have the free 30 minutes play. Ads should be disabled during that Time.


Agree. I have sent this feedback to support in the past, but so far still the same. Maybe we need more players to send in this feedback.


Agree I hate the pop ups during this time…
But thinking of course it happens every time you open the game and if you have 30 min freeplay it starts automatically…
I really wish we could save those and play when we are ready!


I’ve sent feedback also but they never listen so I hit them where it hurts and don’t buy anything.

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The problem is if you buy the cheapest thing available usually 1 wild card for £1.99 the ads stop for a few months. Otherwise I don’t buy anything

I buy regularly on double gift day only . Then my club and I get a gift and bonus thanks coins for me.

Yes, I can’t stand that! Too many ads anyway

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I’ve always felt that all kinda things pop up during free play. It might be me but why cant we chose the free play on startup. Sometimes i come in and dont realize free is daily 4 30min… cant bag out forced too play… All games are unwinnable unless u do more cards…Now my free is mute…