Additional Competition Rules??

Just wanted to add a thought for those that play competition, could you also show how many plays a player has used, or has left? We play often, but are noticing not all players are actively participating.

@Lisa_W, I’m able to tell how many members are participating in the dig, by looking at the number of digs they have done. I’m I misunderstanding your real question here?

Hi Lisa,

Since this is forum for Solitaire TriPeaks my suggestion would be to let Solitaire know by giving your feedback in the game. Go to MENU > HELP and go through their chat.



That shows the number of shovels used, but not the number of plays. Some members may play, but doesn’t necessarily mean they can win and get the shovels to use. Since the number of plays [use/unused] are not tracked it would be best for some club to set a minimum of shovels for the particpants, ensuring that they do paticipate in the digs.


Good point @Colibri! Thank you

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In our club we require all who qualify for the dig to win all games. We are expected to use as many boosters and coins as needed to win. Qualifying is optional. We have set a minimum number of shovels used at 20. The problem remains with new players who do not read or respond to our strategy.