Ad rewards are not working

I watch an Ad, after the ad, supposed to have a choice of 3 doors for coin win amount. It’s NOT WORKING.

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Happened to me a few times as well and then it stopped only to give me next to nothing every single time. After this update, it has been better but not :100: like it was when I first started a month ago. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

My ads have not been working either. The other day I could watch them all day but never had the choice of cards for reward come up. Today no ads available. I wish they would fix glitches in the many areas of game before adding new content.


I have not had an ad for two weeks

The ads had not worked for days wrote in and response was it depends on advertisers how many ads are available. They do not feel need for reimbursement. Today ads have been working but game shuts down when coins are going into bank and they do not get added to my bank. I find sooo many problems when trying to collect rewards. FB coin exchanges routinely are not credited to bank correctly. Example have 66,000 ready to collect and only 6,000 will be reflected in bank totals after tapping collect. I take screenshots before and after tapping collect on any reward over 5000 because of this. Writing in to Tripeaks sometimes reimbursed other times long letter on why no reimbursement. Also reimbursements sometimes do not register into bank. Just cleared my emails of all of it because there were so many impossible to keep track I decided to let them go and start fresh. Never ever played a game with this many problems and probably would quit if not for being in s great club.

I’ve never had a problem with getting rewards for ads until 2 days ago when it started giving me 1000 for Ad watched and never any more than that or a choice of doors to pick for a reward. Now it still says 1000 per ad but I don’t ever get even that. Has this happened to anyone else?

Exactly Ads not working, not available, come back later etc. Every time there’s a change in game your purse strings get tighter. Rewards, really some cost more to earn than they pay. Routinely incorrectly paid out from FB friends, RedStar rewards, Chests don’t contain rewards as written when you clear a Perk and see content of Chest at end of event value is much less. Say what you mean and pay what you say.