Active players wanted!!!!!

Looking for 5 active players to join always playing.


Looking to join a more active club myself !

I’m looking for an active club! Mine has become inactive and as I’m not a leader I can’t kick people. I play every day and I’m usually top of my leaderboard by midweek. Please take me!

If u can get 45k in a week u can try go for gold. I dont know what happened to the other club since i am not in it no longer.

Hi Katy. I am a Co leader in the group Perk Hunters. We are a diamond league and are looking for an active, daily player. We finish all perks and special perk. We are losing a great player and need to replace her. Club rules are new team members 2,000 b4 idle, 18 hr max idle unless communicated with team, max club quests, 5,000 points daily, 35,000 weekly minimum. We would love to have you:)