Active Players Wanted: theTiKiLounge

We’re a fairly new group (Wood-soon to be Stone) and need active players to help get us to the next level :]

We don’t have strict daily minimums except we do ask that you have 200+ points before the end of each tournament (every Thu), that you play some tributes and help with club quests to stay in the group. We’re pretty flexible as long as you make an effort to contribute throughout the week.

So if you want a friendly group that you can grow with and you’re a relatively active player who can commit to playing at least 4 days/week, please check us out! …theTiKiLounge… We will be happy to have you :]

[: Joanne :]


Hi…I’m Team Leader of Ja Chrispy 1. Am I permitted to belong to two clubs at one time?

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Hi @FireCook693, my guess is no but don’t quote me on that :wink:

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I’d Love to join, not sure how?

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theTiKiLounge (stone) is still in need of a couple solid players (possibly 6). I used to play with a Platinum team and it was kinda exhausting trying to meet their daily minimum requirements each week so I started this one hoping to find people who also love to play, but can’t really commit to playing every single day for hours on end [but if you play daily like I do then we totally need you on our team ;] We have a generous max idle of 3 days so this is the perfect team for those who love the game but may need a couple days off every now and then.

Our updated player requirements are:
-Minimum 7k/wk (*Half of us consistently put anywhere between 10-35k/wk on the board)
-Must play some tributes (no minimum amount but the more the better)
-Help with club quests as much as possible
-Claim club gifts & try to qualify for the dig competition if you can
-Max idle 3 days (send msg in chat if you think you might need more time)
-Please change name if ‘Guest’ OR change your picture icon so it’s different from other ‘Guests’ in the group. There’s no reason for this requirement other than I like to be able to tell everyone apart ;]
-Check chat every now and then when you’re playing and feel free to use chat to request help from the team or if you have any questions
-Lastly, I update the club notes often so before you start playing for the day, just check the notes to see if there are any changes.

If you’re interested in helping us get to Gold and beyond but don’t want to be expected to play every single day, look us up: theTiKiLounge
We’re currently set to Invite Only so just request to join. Thanks!!

[: jO :]

@Bill_Urquhart we’d love to have you! Click on the Clubs Icon, then click on the Clubhouse. Click on the Discover tab then type theTiKiLounge in the search window :]

I’m interested. I play 2 hours a day and I accomplish most goals

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@Mikeryan send us a request to join and i’ll let you in :]

We’re still in need of a few awesome players to join our group. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at as long as you like to play regularly and that you’re motivated to help the team move up in rank. Minimum is 7k/wk with a 3 day max idle. We’re pretty flexible but just let us know in chat if you think you might need more than 3 days. Group is currently set to public so if you’re interested, please check us out!

[: jO :] theTiKiLounge

I’m new to this I play everyday for several hours. I joined 2 clubs and after several days I was removed from the hb by the club leader. I have no Idea why I was removed. When I joined the club I asked that they tell me if I should do something or if I was doing something wrong. In both cases I was removed with no explanation

@mikeryan i’m really sorry to hear that happened to you. I only remove people if they are idle 3+ days and haven’t said anything in chat saying they need some time off. It’s nothing personal, just trying to put together a group that plays often. We’re currently full right now, but I have a couple people who haven’t played in 3 days. If they don’t contribute anything else before the end of this tournament, I will probably remove them at the beginning of the next one (Fri) in case you’re interested in joining us.

Sono un Leader club di un club oro, siamo saliti a volte categoria platino, ma ritornati nella oro quasi subito! E questo perchè non siamo feroci e accaniti giocatori, considero il club un club di amici, ci sono membri che si sono affezionati e giocano con noi da almeno 2 anni! Volevo solamente dirti che anche noi siamo della tua stessa idea, non escludiamo nessuno, sopratutto chi è con noi da tanto tempo, ma se restano assenti per più di 3-4 giorni e non lo chattano (succede regolarmente) non ci resta che escluderli😔! Abbiamo creato un gruppo messanger fb con il quale ci scambiamo opinioni o altro e, a vote per chiedere se qualcuno può giocare per chiudere un Quest del club che stà per scadere! Un abbraccio🤗

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Hi I’m so sorry I just saw a message you sent me several weeks ago. I just got bumped from another team, again with no explanation why. I play everyday for 3 to 4 hours. Apparently I’m doing something wrong

Hi @Mikeryan… I’m so sorry you were bumped again :frowning:

We have had to boot many players over the last several weeks mainly for not following our rules and not using chat. As a team, we rely heavily on chat to communicate with each other so if players don’t use chat, sometimes we are forced to let go of people for that reason alone even though they may be high-scorers.

My club is currently full at the moment. Our minimums are reasonably low but many of our players play 2-10x the minimum required. As a leader I really hate having to remove players, but if they don’t follow rules and especially if they don’t use chat, it can get pretty frustrating for everyone on the team.

When you join a new club, just make sure to read their club motto and club notes thoroughly for their rules and know how to use the chat feature. Some clubs are more competitive than others. Stay away from the ones that have minimums that you might not be able to meet because you will probably get booted again without any notice. Most of these clubs are forgiving as long as you use chat to let them know. If you don’t like to use Chat then stay far away from teams that require it. Also, make it a habit to check club notes often because sometimes leaders will add new rules.

There are so many clubs out there to choose from that are just for fun or that have no minimums required. I really hope you find one that fits your needs! And if it comes to it, you can always create your own group with your own set of rules (that’s what I did) :wink: Best of luck to you!!