Active player looking for an active club.

I am currently looking to join a club that hits their perks. I always finish the club quests and tributes and I play every day as much as possible. Thank you.

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Hi @Candace_Roberts, welcome to the forum! Can you tell us about how many points a week you can earn. A lot (most I think) clubs look for at least so many points a week, depending on the goal of the club.

We have a spot open in one of our clubs - p4p2. We ask for 10,000 points a week, and our goal is to get 5 perks a week, and sometimes 6 perks. If you earn more points than that, you might be looking for a more competitive club. Here is more information on our conglomerate of clubs lol:

Join the Play4perks Menagerie

If interested in joining p4p2, send me a note here, I rarely ever accept requests to join in the game, because I think the key to a great club is communicating (and so many people in the game do not check chat lol


Hi! I can definitely make 10k+ a week and I will always check the chats. I would love to join your club.


Hi there, if you’re still looking for a club Our Club has 2 open spots. We are in the platinum league. We ask min 1500 cp daily,150 tributes per week and help in club quests. Max 20 hours idle unless advised. If you love the game we’d love to have you. Come check us out!

Take a look at high Climber Solitaire who have a couple of slots.

Come check out my club “cowboys”

I’m in a great group called Real Diamonds, very helpful and friendly and active. Be sure to read requirements in the notes.

Great Escape has 1 opening 35k ea event but not strict we make all perks but 7 when it is extreme. we are platinum league. Invite only send request and I will accept.

Hi Candace my name is Fermin and a co-leader on Tiki Rickie. After reading your post you are exactly what we need. If you still want a Platinum club who gets all perks and chests hit me up👍

Sorry it’s Tiki Tockie