Active club have any openings?

Looking for a new club with all active players.


We are a good group but all serious for our perks if you can reach other 15k a week and daily tributes why not join us as good rewards and we are in platinum league too our name to find us is called sonnyandkelly


Crazy Perk Team need a player that can do at least 8kcp daily

Looking for an active player who understands the dynamics of the game. Someone who is familiar with chat and uses it. Someone who is competitive and wants to be part of the team. We are a platinum team and normally complete all perks. If you can get at minimum 15,000K per week, the club is open at this time, no need for invite…Team Winning is the club name.

Diamond looking for daily player, 6k/day min. Let me know if ur interested

Hey come join tiki tea party. Building an awesome team

Tiki Islands is currently looking for active players. Our only requirement is that you are polite, dont take more than 2 days without playing ( will be dropped) and play for tributes as well as the challenges. Looking forwards to playing with you!

We’re ready for you. 6000 minimum per day with 18 HR max idle. We’re "WIN AS A TEAM *

If you have not found that right fit, I have just started a new team, which was spun off a Platinum level team that was having member issues. If you can handle, 7k & 75 tributes min per week, no idle longer than 24 hrs w/o notice, then come give us a try. Very friendly, and no drama!!! Team name is Botchd Lobotomy.

Toby’s Fun Team…only rule is 35k club points per week

We just had a number of players retire. We are Platinum League, require about 40k weekly, and have a core of very nice and helpful long-time players. Come to Relax & Unwind if that suits you!

Our team needs another player! Friendly 10000! We’re a fun family club! Req 10k per week. No longer than 36 hours idle without communication ( just let us you’re going on vacation! Lol) read chat and have fun! We’re very talkative and very much like a family!

Playas playas is looking for members. Friendly Platinum League club. 14 K club points per week. You don’t have to join in chat but you should read it.

My club, No Drama has three spaces to fill. Tired of getting bootted out of your club or the pressure to keep up at all times? We do well without all the rules. No Drama is looking for new players to join our team. We are in between ambitious and casual. We ask that you actively play without more than a 2 day absence. Help with keeping the volcano cooled, club perks and daily club bonuses. We like to chat and cheer each other on. Come join the team and leave the drama at the door. Lol No Drama is a Gold team with a usual 5 chest perk. We are currently working on a fb group for our club so we can help each other out with coins each day. We would love to have you join us

Hi Lillie Grace! If you have not found your niche yet my team Brits r us 1 would be glad to have you be a part. I am YoBear on the team. Hope you’re able to join.

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We are a brand new club, r leaders from diamond club band together to start their own club. Serious about club quest, 25K at event end

Find us at Deja Vu. We are currently wood for our very first week in action and set to move up at this next event and

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Dogs life is the place yo be! 1000pts upon entry 20k a week. Platinum league we are a active team with no drama

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