Ackerman Acres is looking for new active members!

Apparently my previous thread offended someone with it’s wording, so I’ll try it again. I was simply trying to relay that I’m not super overbearing, but we need members who are active DAILY. Collecting tributes, unlocking the daily club gift and earning perks are my main concerns. When we all work together it makes it easier!


How many team members do you have? I am a active player everyday . I do cq, and dig. I unlock gift box. I am tired of team members that dig holes all over, won’t chat, and qualify but don’t help and collect rewards off other player hard work. Plus tired of squatters that just join club to sit and collect

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I also like a relax club

Right now we only have 9 including myself because I removed a few inactive members the other day. I usually try to remove inactive members on Thursday evening before the perk rewards on Friday morning.

Are you able to get cq done and dig? I definitely can help. I play everyday. I need to wait till Friday. So I can get reset thursday

Do you have to send me a invite or how do I find you?

I tried click on club name said private page

Sorry I’m away from home dealing with a death in the family. We can only complete smaller club quests at this point. So far even with so few members we’re able 2 complete the first 2 perks pretty easily. I’ll check in shortly to see if I need to send an invite.

Ok, sorry for your loss, we also have a couple unexpected deaths.

I won’t be moving till Friday any way

Thank you :blush: Ok, we’ll get it figured out by then.

No problem hopefully me coming I can help us get more cq

Go ahead send me invite seahorsenoname

I found you after reset I will join