Achievements or portrait badges

When will the achievements be updated to include tiki seas? I’m at level 499 and I understand waiting for new levels but the portraits should maybe include seas by now.


I have never looked at the achievements for Tiki Seas! Just went to look and appears as though you have to unlock a section to get to the next set of badges. I honestly don’t pay that much attention to the badges and portraits. Perhaps they will work on this soon.

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I am looking for the same answer. Not only Seas but also event portraits appear to have been halted.

GSN TRIPEAKS — Is the current plan to continue or scratch these? Understandably, priorities in game improvement and game continuation put this towards the bottom.

Personally, I love the portraits and have a love/hate relationship trying to obtain all stars/island to get them.


I love the portraits and think they should have them for all of the islands, not just Islands and Skies. It would also be nice to have them for Expert, maybe every time you open a new suitcase (every 100 levels) you’d get a new portrait?


It’d be cool to have some acknowledgement in Expert. I play there a lot. Maybe have another Poi type to chase there as well!