Account flagged and blocked from the game

I have a team member that had her account flagged and blocked. She contacted support and they said that happens sometimes on accounts that get high scores. Has anyone else ever heard of this? She gets 200k points but I’ve saw lots of people get way more. They said it could take days to resolve which is completely unacceptable because we just lost a slot for the club competition and a valued member for points and club quests. This is not only a huge inconvenience to her but to our whole team

Hopefully someone here can give some guidance, that really stinks! I personally have no knowledge on this


They still haven’t fixed the issue :unamused: the game removed her not only during the club competition but during a tribute quest. They bettered intend on compensating our entire team because that’s unacceptable

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These people don’t give a d@mn. They’re all about money and how to add enormous graphics to aggravate the players.