Absent leader and no co-leader

The club I am in has an absent leader for 4 days now. Half of our members are not participating including the leader but there is no co-leader. The members who are playing are great and I don’t want to leave the club. Is there a way to remove the current leader and have someone else take over?


Your best bet is to create a new club, and invite the members of your old club


Welcome to the forum @Morgan_Horner
I have been in club where the leader went absent and on/around the 10th day a pop came up in the club notes and said after 14days the game would assign a new leader.
I’m not sure how that exactly works because he actually came back -he was only on vacation.
But yes Cindylu’s advise would work too😃
Good luck to you.

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We need a few members do to a lot of people being absent! I don’t like to boot but I like to keep all members happy!
You are welcomed to join Gliding Tikis

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We would like some players that play every day. We are a great club where everyone feels like family. Would love for you to join. Our club is called Nay Nay’sNay’ s Club.

Still need a few good members! Trying to get back to platinum league with laugh and giggles along the way! Gliding Tikis would love to have you join us! Happy playing and stay Safe!