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Feedback on the Treasure Shrine feature.


The treasure shrine is a game of chance for sure and yes I’m sure there is a algorithm of course, and it seems to not be in the favor of the player anymore.
I use to :heart: playing the shrine as I could win booster and free plays and wilds, of course when the medallions where on the outside I got ALOT of those too but I didn’t mind those because it was another free chance at the jackpot.:slightly_smiling_face:that I have never won…lol—I also would spend coins there just for fun to try and stock up.
Now the shrine has the wilds on the outside. I will not spend coins only free medallions and it seems nobody is dropping and winning anymore-as some days it goes 24hrs without a winner🤨 Iv dropped 25 times twice and scored mostly coins the total return of coins was nothing to brag about because I could hardly play a few games, OR buy a booster with what I won. I rarely get a wild compared to the medallions even tho they are in the same spot☹️
I would love to see the shrine with the medallions on the outside again and the wild in the center, but also add all other boosters to the ? (Boosters) spot. The wave card, defroster, volcano were never giving as a winning prize in that spot.
As the treasure shrine has caused quite a upset for a lot of players I am still happy with whatever I get regardless, but I can say I don’t play it as often as I use to.


The new shrine sucks, I agree adding all the boosters would of been a benefit, heck even taking away the million coins and putting a volcano card there and giving us an easier chance of winning would be better than what they have done!


I agree, I really don’t think there was a “winner” 2 hours previous. Its impossible to win.

We are getting less from the shrine, less on watching videos. We are getting less chests all of a sudden but playing the same amount. The cost for tributes and digs has gone up and now no rewards on Facebook.