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Is there any way to message a member without contacting the whole group?


1 / I am illiterate in English (French).

2 / I am a novice (barely more than 1 week

3 / suddenly I can no longer translate the games: then I no click on one of them (since I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know the consequences on the team and on me if I do not succeed.)

4 / The only thing I do is the “tributes” (videos, buying tributes with the coins won) then I play them against the volcano.

Imagine if it was written in a language you didn’t understand.
How to tell the difference between solo quests, club quests …?

So I would like someone to tell me an order of games:
1 / When I have parts ( money)
2 / When I have few parts ( money)

Do first: …
Second thing to do: …
Third do: …
etc …

I am Myr Tille.

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