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For me this game has been my go to for distraction from a bitterly painful divorce, through which I have isolated myself from the community around me, however, since joining I have somewhat begun to connect with others In the TriPeaks community which has allowed me to join in fun & safety in community even if it be virtual. My income has gone from 150k a year to 14k a month. And now with the loss of income for over 3 million Americans it would be such a welcome gift and delight if the game wouldn’t be so costly & hard, somedays this game is all the joy I have to look forward to… and I am sure I am not the only one.


I’m sorry you are getting hit all at once. The game keeps me occupied as well. Being home and isolated, all I have to do is think. I lost my son 2 years ago, he was 15… so being stuck in my head isn’t a wonderful place sometimes. The game keeps me from dwelling… also keeps me from doing dishes sometimes too. Lol. Those will always be there; As will the wonderful people I have met playing Solitaire. Good to meet you.

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