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It’s hard to dig when some of your team doesn’t use chat:( It is one of the reasons I don’t dig anymore. No worries, I don’t qualify anymore… I think if you qualify, you should definitely dig!!

Personally, I don’t recommend competing in the club competition unless 75% of your club knows what the chat is and use it regularly and respond.
The key is using the chat and them responding because some don’t even read the chat, they just type and say what they are thinking.

In terms of tricks, get to know your members and where they are located. You can be general with countries / time zones. Typically everyone is in a different time zone, and you don’t want anyone to be stranded because you can only dig one hole at a time, you can’t dig the same hole back to back.
I recommend having the competitors buddy up so that they can dig with a partner in their same time zone.

I have more tricks but I don’t want to reveal them all just yet :slight_smile: