Ability to Purchase Booster Bundles!

Hello! I have a suggestion regarding in-app purchases! At the moment we have options to purchase different packs of coins at variable prices but can only purchase booster cards individually, 1 at a time. Unless on the off chance you receive a bonus offer (seems to be randomly generated).

I don’t mind using in-app purchases to boost my chances of winning while also supporting such an awesome game! Totally worth it!

However, I wish we had the ability to buy multiples of the different booster cards. My favorite is the red star booster! I prefer to use it whenever I’m playing to boost my rank on the leadership boards! I feel I would be much more inclined to purchase multiples of my favorite boosters for a slightly higher price than having to buy only 1 at a time for $.99.

I really hope to see this feature in the future! Until then, I’m still going to enjoy the game every day! The creators have done a wonderful job! Thank you, Solitaire Tripeaks team!! :heart_eyes::grin: