Aahhhh! Stress! New update issues....

Having difficulties updating April 2022 latest version of Tiki Solitaire…:anguished::anguished:
I play on an Amazon Fire HD Tablet, & up until now didn’t have many problems at all. But for the life of me I cannot get the latest version of the game to update!! I am stuck on a loop of 3 -
a) I tap on home screen game icon & it looks like game is loading
b) box pops up informing of new version & requests I update to continue playing
c) It takes me to the Amazon Appstore where game is & in top right-hand corner is a box with ‘Open’ - tap on it…but it takes me straight back to home screen of Tiki Solitaire game loading Again! & again & again this keeps happening!!! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
I have been in touch with Amazon Tech support - they said they have not as yet received GSN’s latest version/update of game!?
I have been in touch with GSN help/support team whom have now passed problem onto their Development Team to try to assist?
Is Anyone else having same problems with new version 2022?

Yes. I had that exact experience. I messaged them, but no response. I was just going to do without the coins for watching ads, but then I got a message that I couldn’t play at all without an update. My Fire was too old. I hate to admit it, but I got a new Fire. Then, I missed my ONE shot at transferring my info. I’m now beginning again. I hope to catch up with my old club You might want to leave yours a note about what’s going on before you get cut off.

Unfortunately I can’t let team know as same thing has already happened!! :worried:
GSN Games & Amazon Customers & Technical team have replied, they seem to be very helpful & are hopefully working on it. As I explained I think it’s due to the newest Tiki Solitaire App not yet available in the Amazon Appstore…?
Out of interest what Tablet did you have before you bought new edition?

Just to provide an update…
After 10 days, several emails to Amazon Customers Services & Technical support, Tiki Solitaire support team, & telephone communications, the update issues I was experiencing have been resolved :grin::grin: I have been able to update & back to playing my beloved game once again. :+1:
Although I have lost my huge day streak, my perks were the same, as were total coins, my achievements with where I had gotten to in the game through different levels etc etc.
Unfortunately due to not being able to let my team know what Has happened, they’d kicked me out!!! But once back on I rejoined them all - such great customer support & endeavours from both companies to sort out issues finally. I am chuffed to bits :heart_eyes::smiley:

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WOW, that is awesome! Glad it got resolved, even if it took many days.

My older pad was a Fire HD 8, (7th generation).
I was able to download the new version directly from Amazon. I sent it to the cloud and downloaded it to my device. It just wouldn’t install. It indicated that it was, but the older version still loaded. I tried to just get by without ads, but it stopped letting me play at all w/o updated version. New device same process through Amazon site, worked immediately. Good luck. Its very frustrating. But, I’m having fun starting over. Tutorial element is gradually integrate into play and well done. IL find my old club when I get far enough along.

I’m glad you were able to get playing again with most of your record intact. I must not have been communicating with the developers correctly. Anyway, I’m ok now. I do love the game. Its the only one I play.

Me too, its the only game I play lol.
It had me hooked from the start…you just know when you click with something.
Hope its not long before you hook back up with your team. Happy playing, enjoy :wink:

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