We can’t seem to recruit so we’re looking to merge. I am the leader, dont care about being a leader. I (and we) just want to stay together in a Diamond (preferably, or at least diamond bound) club. Our “weakest” players don’t go below 35k a week and our strongest are anywhere between 70-100k weekly. Who needs 9 awesome additions?!?! Oh and we prefer not to be with any psychos, lol


Hi Anna. Maybe we can talk. I am the leader of Tiki Warriors and we are currently in platinum but would love to get back into diamond but just can’t seem to get a full team. What is your clubs name? Hopefully we can work something out. :slight_smile:

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Hey Anna, I am the leader of Perks A Plenty, we recently broke off of a platinum group ourselves and are looking to advance also but having trouble getting a full club. We would be more than happy if you and your team would like to merge. Ps…none of our team are psychos!! LoL
We have some very good players and everyone is very outgoing and welcoming. We do like to chat in our down time. Come check us out, we would be glad to have y’all

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Come join chillin island I have several openings will have more by tonight we are platinum trying to get back to diamond all we ask is to do 3k before idling 7k daily and club quest

Hi Anna !!! We are a new club also that recently broke off of a platinum league . I have only been able to get really crappy players thus far but have about 10 good ones right now . I am constantly deleting people looking for solid additions ! I would love if your 9 would like to join ours and rise to the top .

Courtney, sounds like you are in the same position as myself. If Anna’s club declines let me know, right now we have about 15 but I haven’t removed my deadbeats yet this morning. Our rules are simple, 1k before idle, 15k a week, 100 minimum tributes a week. Must contribute to CQ and club gift. Please respond to chat upon joining so we know everyone understands the rules.
If you and your crew would be interested in joining us just let me know.

Hey Lisa ! We aren’t looking to leave the club we are currently in as we just did this . But we can take about 10 people into our club . If you are interested in looking us up to see if you and your club would like to join us our name is tater tots . We are the top tater tots club in there and just to make sure you found the correct one … some players in our club are Joshua , T-money, papi and I am IG xo_cocoloco @Lissa_Staggs

I am the leader of bubbles. We have been in existence for over 3 years with a stable group. Some of our regular players have found it is time to move on leaving us us with gaps and recruiting trouble. We were consistently Diamond until the end of summer when our team vacancies started. If you are interested in joining our team, message me on facebook … Lori-Beth Vickery

Hi Anna, we are a new club and we are getting all the first 4 perks with the few dedicated players we have. We are all fun and a little bit crazy to lol. We have room for all 9 of your team. Mir’s (Mirs) would be so excited to have you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We ended up filling to 20 at reset with pretty strong players. Ty all so much. We still have room for 5, possibly more after tonight. If you have a group that would be willing to merge or if these newbies end up not working out I’ll definitely let you know!!

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Hi my is Big mama and my club’s name is club Hope 2 we a a great team come check us out. We are in need of a few good player’s. We are not just a club we are a family and we have fun so come check us out

Hey Anna it’s me Mira aka Big mama From club hope 2 We are in need of good players like you and I do believe we have plenty of room for everybody we are in a diamond league and hopefully will move up to platinum with strong players please check us out you will not be sorry give us a chance

We are the club “Chuck it”. We have about the same amount of dedicated. If interested, how do we do this?

We can either join y’all or you can join us. I guess the better option would to see who has the most CP and consistent players.

You would probably want to make sure our minimum requirements somewhat match up. We require 15k by Sunday and 35k by Thursday. Help with CQ’s daily, no 24 hr idle and new players 3k before idle.

The club In the higher league should always be the acquirer. Otherwise it doesn’t matter.