5k A day Diamond

Diamond League Team AWESOMENESS is looking for 2 players that can make 5k a day, read and communicate if you cannot play. We are a family 1st team but communication is required. …only team named Awesomess with points and in diamond league.

I’m interested! I play (almost) daily - but I have never communicated with my fellow players before, so I beg for forgiveness now if I forget. Hope to hear from you!

Building new club Tiki Mask. We have openings. Come check us out. Thanks

Barbara, have you found a team. We are a Platinum team looking for a few good players to get back to Diamond. Long Friends is the name of the team. 1500 b4 first idle, help with club quests, chat, 12,000 b4 Monday, 26,000 by Thursday. We currently get all 6 perks, sometimes special perk