5 Daily active Players Needed

StandSolitarev2 is looking for 5 daily active team members. We are currently a Gold League Team we used to be Platnium working our way to Diamond. That is until 2 members (They were related) had to leave. 1 was already really sick and this was how they communicated with the outside world. The other became very ill and that person also had to leave. We then had another player who was already sick and that person got themselves better and is spending time with the family now and this was one of our huge losses. We also lost 2 other members who were also a huge loss. Our team has been together now going on 2 years for most of the other members. We have gained a few new players on our team so they are still also learning our ways but are active and play each day.
We need members who love to chat, who will chat with us on Facebook (NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FRIENDS ON FB TO CHAT) We need members who are going to help us daily, meaning playing each day, complete quests, go for tributes, participate in club quests, unlock gits and exceed our weekly min of 19k. If this is you and you want to be more than just a team and make new friends than look no more join us now! StandSolitarev2