3 Openings in Diamond League

Super Stars is a fun, chatty laid back club. We will have 3 spots open at reset. Our requirements are 42k weekly, 6k daily, 30 minimum tributes per day, 18hr idle. Club Quests are mandatory. We need daily active players. We always get 7 perks. Please send request if interested!


I’m a committed player. My current club is holding me back. I always max out on club quests and log in at least twice a day.

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Hi Lisa, what is your weekly average?

At least 40,000 but could do more

Yes am interested. Can meet minimum requirements

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Ok, request to join our club Super Stars, we may have an opening soon. We usually rank in the top 10, right now we are in 6th.

Do you still have any openings?

Hi looking for new team I have only been on the team I am on leaders change friendly club not friendly anymore I average between 75.000 to 125.000 points weekly around 400 tributes usually top three of group let me know if your interested in me.

Sorry for the late reply. Our club is called “Players”. We are Diamond but bounce back and fourth to Legend. We require 45k a week and 400 tributes. No daily minimums but Clubquests are required to max. Send us a request to join :slightly_smiling_face: