2nd Best Player club

Not sure why the leader in the club wanted me to do an ad for an overhaul of our team, she knows I am the goofiest one in the club, but I will try to behave though.

Did you ever feel like others join a club who don’t meet the minimum or not a team player, now you are just stuck with them. We have been in this rut, so we are “remodeling” the club to get players who are team oriented, but in laid back, no drama kind of way. We got talkers and we got players who are not, which is ok as well. The only communication we need is for maxing or letting the co/leaders know if gone, too busy/sick to not fulfill the daily, which is 3,500 and max as many quests possible. But we do require having members make this not the norm. Many players go beyond the daily 3,500 but not mandatory (2,000 when new before logging out is mandatory though). We are a Platinum league borderline Diamond. Conversations vary greatly, from serious to silly, obviously. Of course, who wants to talk about the weather all the time, unless your a meteorologist. Come join 2nd Best Player, I think you won’t be disappointed :slightly_smiling_face:

Fierce club-no


How many players are you looking for? Are you invite only…


Looking for a team who wants to win and where players follow directions