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Anyone see the wicked witch?

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Ember and Johnny at it again!!

Lookie pigs really can fly.

“Night Court, has nothing on us”

I didn’t fly, I was pushed!!!

Monkey : what’d that get you for?
Piggie: flying over the speed limit

When pigs fly there is always monkey business in the court.


I will tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when pigs fly.l

Guilty! Of spending all your free time playing tripeaks!

And the verdict is in…Tiki Solitaire is guilty, guilty of being the best game ever!

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That was a Mega Pint?

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Your honor, let me explain… my monkey didn’t mean to break the piggy bank, he just got so excited to win!

If make another sound in my court you will getting a walking Tiki

Order in the court! It doesn’t matter who’s number 1 and I don’t care if pigs can fly!

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This is your court Oinkpointed attorney so no monkey business in my courtroom !


“Order in the court! What is everyone going on abo…is…is that a flying pig?!”

All monkeys and pigs please rise, court is now in session. This is the case of who stole all of the coins

Order in the court…
Monkey: I’ll have a banana split
Pig: And, I’ll have the mud pie


Piggie: “He said he would marry her when pigs could fly, and now I have wings!”

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