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“I told you not to get them wet. They reproduce when they get wet. “


WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! I told you no computer contest!!

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“Where are the kids?”

I told you, there are better ways to earn coins than asking for child support.

“Oops, I Tiki’d again”…


Busy day at Tiki daycare.

Gizmo dinner is almost ready

Always fun hanging with the tikies.

Are they cheaper by the dozen?

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Your tiki obsession is getting out of control

Who know that they would multiply like rabbits!!!

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One of these things just doesn’t belong here. Which of these things just isn’t the same?

“Honey, I know I agreed to rescuing them but you have to pay attention to them! One is outside!”

Honey…but you said you wanted just one! What happened?

How long did your sister say she would be gone for? This is the last time we babysit!

I thought I told you no more Tiki’s?

Honey I thought that we only agreed to have one not 21…

Honey you shrunk the tikis’

Honey this is getting out of control! One just peed on my leg!