20,000 free coins

Does anyone have trouble collecting when TriPeaks FB page gives 20k coins? I appreciate all the freebies. But I’m wondering why majority of the time I can’t collect this big one. TIA!


@Kelly_Ann_Olsen, are you able to collect the other prizes, like 5,000 coins, red star boosters, etc, just not the 20,000? Or are you not able to collect any prizes?


Please know that many players had this difficulty, but whenever I have a technical issue as this in collecting freebies or what was earned, I send a ticket.

Here is how: click on Help under the Menu button-
The helpdesk will contact you via email to let you know how the issue was resolved.

Happy Playing!


Yes, it only happens w the big one.

Thank you. Unfortunately it says I did collect even though my balance doesn’t go up.

When you submit a ticket to thenhelpdesk, click on Menu and click on help and scroll to the bottom click on Contact us.

Full in your coin loss and when, the helpdesk will research this and respond accordingly


I am having a hard time finding the free coins

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