2 players needed for friendly club -platinum

Island Hoppers has been together since clubs started. We have been a moderately competitive club all along. It’s gotten a lot tougher lately with our best players being recruited by other teams. We need players who can earn at least 25,000/wk to help us stay in the platinum league. Great group - ask to join and check us out for yourself.

Hi my name is kimba and I’m looking for a team that play’ as a team. Talks with one another and helps each other out. I hope Im what your looking for. I will work hard for the team and I will be a committed player.

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Hi my name is Sherry, I play daily and not half bad if I say so myself. I was asked to join a new team the other day. I was excited and exceeded what I was supposed to get daily for them but one day I could not get on at all, and I was kicked out. I look at it as their loss. Pick me and I won’t let you down. :blush:

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Hi SherryLynn. Rhonda Follis mention you about. Joining. Look us up Tiki Central. If you got to tournament you should be able to find us. We would love to have you in our team. I promise you will love it. Letty Brown

Kimba. Hi I’m Letty I’m co-leader in the Tiki Central team. We are what you are looking for. We would love to have you in our team. We are a team/family. We work together to finish quests and perks

Are you still looking for a team? I can make an opening for you on the Island Hoppers.

I would love to join your club,im reliable and loyal and would be dedicated to your club only!

Are you able to make at least 20,000 pets a week?

Looking for a good club that can complete challenges and collect tributes. I normally get at least 25,000 per werk

Hi Kimba! We would love to have you on our team, Tiki Central! We chat and support each other all day. We are a family who cares and shares our successes in the game and life. Please join us, your search is over! Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Hi Chrissy! Please join us on Tiki Central! You’re guaranteed to love us!

Hi there.
Bea’s Bashers is looking for players who are committed. Pop in and try us. You would be very welcome. We are platinum and getting rid of those with not enough commitment. You sound like what we’re looking for