100x's harder to search for new players

before the club tournaments, it was so much easier to search for new players to invite. now I can only see clubs in my club league, or start all the way at the top teams and scroll forever.
and I’m sure players searching for a new team have the same issues. I never used to have a problem getting new members. now my options are be short players for several days, or keep players that aren’t contributing much, just so we get their points too.
it’s very discouraging to myself and my team.


@Michelle i agree 100% too time consuming


It is much harder. This last time I did go through my red star leader board and several posted to the FB site and the forum. That seemed to work well.


I’ve been going to the club league box, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the league to find people to invite. I also go to the Discover tab and put in a random word like “green” or “sleepy” then find clubs that have considerably less points than our club, and look at who is playing in those clubs.


that’s a good idea! thanks


I do the same. Click on lower earning clubs in the league and see if it’s mostly points from one or two people. And invite them so they can enjoy better rewards for their work. But its soooooooo time consuming. I absolutely hate kicking out even non contributing members because of the work involved to find new ones.


I know right? I like finding those little treasure players, and hope they want to be in a better club. I usually invite a dozen people and then cross my fingers :crossed_fingers: that 1 of them will accept the invitation!


@Michelle I completely agree, this is a frustrating problem as can be seen in the Forums. Moderators, can you help?!

Moderators are just players like we are. I’ve altered how I look for, and invite new members, and it seems to be working as well as the old way. With the changes of Club leagues, we can no longer go to Top Clubs, My Club Rank and scroll down from there, but we still have other options.

@CindyLu I created a poll to get some general Feedback on recruiting, would you mind checking it out and contributing!


@Karin-L, I just wanted to verify… When you say Club Events on your poll, you actually mean Club Leagues, right? Not Club Quests? I answered as if you were talking about the leagues.

I am not getting anyone to accept my invitations these days, and it might be because of club rank is not obvious, but the 2 club’s I recruit to have never been high ranked, so I don’t know.

well now I can no longer go to people’s profiles in the red star leaderboard. I can’t fathom why they decided to make it harder to search for people. if people can’t get in a club that works for them, they’ll just stop playing


Did you recently update your app @Michelle? I just double checked, and I am still able to view people’s profiles and club from the red star leaderboard.

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LOL yes I meant leagues. And I couldn’t view through red stars 2 days ago so they must have updated it, I agree! Nice to meet you Cindy!

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@CindyLU I just went in and tried and I can’t invite through Red Star either - so annoying!

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yes it updated a couple days ago.
one of my co leaders can’t look at profiles thru the leaderboard either

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Bummer! :cry:

Me either…since the update

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Nice to meet you too @Karin-L (sorry, i almost missed that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I haven’t updated yet, maybe that’s why I still can see profiles from the leaderboard. :slightly_frowning_face:


I agree 100%! We have had a rush of ppl leave out of nowhere one after another for whatever personal reason and as leader I am finding it almost impossible to add the few ppl I need that aren’t guests etc! I think it’s time I add another coleader into the mix but don’t have anyone worthy in my opinion as well. A lot of things have changed out club and I need to get us back to where we belong! Sooo frustrating to all of us!
Sooo If Anyone is looking to join a good club? We need to build back up to the amazing team we were with DAILY PLAYERS. Pls search for
Panicked Tiki! (Must type in the ! At the end of the name)
Always looking for active communication :slight_smile: as it helps the team grow in my opinion. Hope to see some good ppl soon :slight_smile: