100k club points

I see users who get over 100k club points per week, how do you do that? I play a few times everyday and get like 3k a day perhaps. Are these people literally playing all day long?

I guess the question is, how do you max out club points each time you play? I already know about tributes and certain levels but I figure I play maybe 25 games on average each time I play and points vary from 20 to 250 depending on if you win. I just don’t get how you get 100k + in 7 days… anyone? Bueller?


Yeah more games are played. 25 games played consecutively can anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes played. That’s not much time played. Completing an event quest usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Completing a club quest can take up to 2 hours sometimes.

So basically you’re not playing very much compare with the 100k a week folks. Now as an occasional 100k a week person, how the hell are people doing 300k a week? :sweat_smile:

[Edit] another factor is the strength of your team. Specifically how soon your club gets perk #6 and the gold tiki. That can dramatically speed up club points accumulation.


People actually spend big money on this game! So if you play by using nothing but boosters and wilds and volcanoes, never touch your deck, you could get 500+ cp on one hand with tributes. Buy the point doublers and that’s 1000k a game.

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Where do you buy the point doublers? The Only time that I have seen those offered to me is when we have the Tribute games and you have to buy the package deal with your own money on your phone or other device!! But if they offer it somewhere else? Please let me know if it will be a part of the game!!!


I’ve only seen them in mini tiki rewards or in one of the little deals that you have to pay real money for. I try to win as many as I can in the mini tiki rescues.


Where do you buy point dounlers

This is my story too! Like, I have a full time job!

You can’t unless you’re really up there. It’ll look like all the other pop-up offers

Seems I see the pop up offer for doubler normally when our team has the tributesquest

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